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Services We Offer

We offer Investment Management and Financial Planning services. Our goals are fully aligned with our clients because we are only paid by our clients!! We offer you open investment architecture in contrast to most firms. Your adviser should be free to give you the best possible recommendations. We are not affiliated with or paid by any broker dealer, mutual fund company, bank or mortgage company. We have no specific products to sell. Most firms have closed investment architecture because they carefully pre-select investment products to maximize the firm’s profitability. Closed investment architecture limits your choices and creates an inherent conflict of interest between you and your adviser.

  • Independent one-on-one advice utilizing open investment architecture and
    independent research
  • Financial planning services, with an annual checkup
  • Cost effective, competitive fees 
  • Internet access to your accounts
  • Straightforward billing that allows you to pay in a tax effective way
  • Collaboration with your tax and legal representation
  • Socially responsible investing